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Current Productions

Killing The CatOutlaws: The Ballad of Billy the Kid
Music by Alastair William King and Perry Liu
Lyrics by Perry Liu
Book by Perry Liu, Joe Calarco and Alastair William King
Director Jenny Eastop

The Other Palace Studio, 2nd July 8pm

Outlaws is the story of Billy the Kid - the most notorious outlaw of the Wild West - from his humble beginnings, through his rise to infamy and finally, his inevitable demise from a single gunshot at the age of just 21.

Outlaws is the story of any teenage boy who lives during a time when the rules of society are blurred, guns are easily accessible and fame is celebrated, no matter how or why it's achieved.

Outlaws is about growing up in America.

Outlaws: The Ballad of Billy the Kid was chosen by a panel of Broadway experts to be part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF). It opened for its limited run at Broadway's McGinn/Cazale Theatre and proved so popular with festival audiences that it very quickly sold out and extra performances had to be added.

Reviews from Broadway:

Cross "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" with "American Idiot" and you get "Outlaws: The Ballad of Billy the Kid"
Frank Scheck, New York Post

The show delivers several pulse-pounding musical evocations of adolescent rage... the jagged, raw music by King and Liu has a powerful rock beat.
David Sheward, Backstage

This is the real deal, folks. An evening so electrifying, you may wonder whether Billy packed a Taser rather than a Colt.
Matthew Murray www.talkinbroadway.com

For lack of a better word, Outlaws is badass. And then there are the songs. Oh, the songs! I dare you to try and get 'We Do Whatever We Want' out of your head.