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Indebted to Chance
by Charlie Ryall

BritishTheatre.com *****

“Director Jenny Eastop has crafted a wonderful piece of theatre here... this tight-knit ensemble is on top form”

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London Pub Theatres ****

“Indebted To Chance is an absolute must see and I'm excited to see what lies in the future for this production.”

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The Recruiting Officer
by George Farquhar adapted by Charlie Ryall

London At Large *****

“From the mouths of these actors, a play written in 1706 to parody the practices of military recruitment, genuinely sparkles”

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LondonTheatre1 ****

“This is a fine production”

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The Biograph Girl
Book by Warner Brown
Lyrics by Warner Brown and David Heneker
Music by David Heneker

The Guardian ****

“A vivacious tribute to silent screen legends... this revival deserves a longer life”

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The Observer ****

“Director Jenny Eastop's production brims with charm... the show is a pick-me-up that put a smile on my face”

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Close Up Culture ****

“The Biograph Girl is an exuberant production which, if there is any justice in this world, should transfer to the West End.”

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The Stage

“A winningly wistful musical love letter to silent film”

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Mr Gillie
by James Bridie

The Arts Desk ****

“Such subtleties are beautifully brought to light in the detailed direction of Jenny Eastop and the playing of the eight-strong cast”

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Broadway World

“Eastop's production is warm and big-hearted…and shines a light on the importance of art and education, as well as debating what it really means to succeed in life”

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Traffic Light Theatregoer

“This is probably as good a production as this defiant play can get”

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The Alchemist
by Ben Jonson

Mind the Blog *****

“A top-notch production of one of the finest comedies in the English language – a must-see from a talented company”

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Last Minute Tickets ****

“Another superb Mercurius production: I could even say it was golden”

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The Devil Is An Ass
by Ben Jonson

London Theatre1 – Top Ten production of 2015

“It isn’t often that I come out of a theatre with more energy than I went in”

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The Stage

“This boisterous staging of the Jacobean satire flares with timeless wit”



The Waiting Room
by John Bowen

Susan Elkin, Making the Marrow

“Director Jenny Eastop tightened the tension in the air, and distilled whisky-strong, plastic-melting performances from her two talented lead actors”

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Everything Theatre

“The script, direction, design and actors all perfectly complement each other”

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A Chaste Maid In Cheapside
by Thomas Middleton

Times Literary Supplement

“A rip-roaring production at the Rose Playhouse in Southwark, directed by Jenny Eastop.”

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London Theatreviews

“Eastop’s sense of timing and inventive staging reveals a surety of skill”



A Trick to Catch the Old One
by Thomas Middleton

Everything Theatre

“Mercurius' production is excellent and I really encourage you to see it.”

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What's On Stage

“Eastop's imaginative use of space gives the comedy a new lease of life.”

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School for Wives
by Moliere (London premiere of Neil Bartlett’s adaptation)

One Stop Arts **** Editor’s Choice

“The production hits every comic note”


The New Current *****

“Perfectly timed and delivered”



Anton Chekhov’s Vaudevilles
And other sketches, translated and adapted by Michael Frayn

One Stop Arts (2012)

“As a first production, Vaudevilles is an impressive start”


The New Current (2013) *****

“What Eastop and Mercurius manage to continue to do is to push the bar and create theatre that is relevant and exceptional.”


Remote Goat (2013)

“This company are bright and talented and very funny”